Giraffe Travels by Michelle Bartley


Giraffe Travels tells the heartwarming Story of a giraffe on a quest to find her roots. With the help of her good friend Mr. Mole, digging their way through one adventurous experience after another. After the birth of my daughter, I looked for an avenue to explain to her somehow about my history. As a Jamaican residing in Berlin Germany I realized that it is not the easiest task to maintain one’s own culture, so eventually I started writing, having my daughter in mind motivated me to follow my childhood dream of writing. This is also my journey to find my roots broken down and told to a child.

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It definitely was during those late summer evenings in Jamaica before going to bed,
sitting on the Veranda
the moon shining down brightly,
the night Crickets singing,
when my grandmother „Mama“ would start weaving her stories.
We all sat quietly with excited anticipation as she told us tales of Spiders with trickery,
cows with bells
and duppy (ghost) stories.
She was the one who opened my eyes and my imagination to the world of storytelling.
As a Teenager I wrote down everything, all my waking moments found me concocting stories but unfortunately all this was forgotten as life was happening and I grew up.
Years passed and all my dreams of writing were put aside to conquer the world I lived in. Working in Tourism did have its rewards and fun days but it just pushed me further away from where I needed to be.
Then the „Big Bang“ moment came after the birth of my daughter, I felt compelled to tell her a Story and this Story had to be simple enough that she would understand and so………………………………
the beginning…………………………………….“Giraffe Travels“.


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