Short Bio

It definitely was during those late hot summer evenings in Jamaica.

Just before going to bed, sitting on the Veranda the moon shining down brightly,

the night Crickets singing, when my grandmother “Mama” would start weaving her stories.

We all sat quietly with excited anticipation as she told us tales of Spiders with trickery, cows with bells and duppy (Ghost) stories.

She was the one who opened my eyes and my imagination to the world of storytelling.

As a Teenager I wrote down everything, all my waking moments found me concocting stories but unfortunately all this was forgotten as life was happening and I grew up.

Years passed and all my dreams of writing were put aside to conquer the world I lived in.

Working in Tourism did have its rewards and fun days but it just pushed me further away from where I needed to be.

Then the „Big Bang“ Moment came after the birth of my daughter, I felt compelled to tell her a Story and this Story had to be simple enough that she would understand and so the beginning, “Giraffe Travels.”


What inspired the story Giraffe Travels?

After the birth of my daughter, I looked for an avenue in explaining to her somehow about the pieces of my puzzled heritage I have been trying to put together myself. As a Jamaican residing in Berlin Germany I realised it is not the easiest task to maintain one’s own culture. Eventually I started writing, having my daughter in mind motivated me to follow my childhood dream of becoming a writer. This is also in a sense my journey to find my roots broken down and told to a child in the form of a story.

Why is the book called Giraffe Travels?

Giraffes are one of my favourite animals and I remember the first book I was able to read by myself was Gullivers Travels.

How long did it take you to write Giraffe Travels?

It took me about a year to write Giraffe Travels. During the day was never an option for me to write, so I took the time I had and I used it wisely, waking up in the wee hours of the morning when it’s exactly the most quiet and serene time of the day. Once I started writing I kept on………..paragraph after paragraph until my story was finished.

Is Giraffe Travels based on a true story?

All the characteristics of the personalities in Giraffe Travels are based on actual encounters.

What character do you identify with the most or is most like you?

I would definitely say, the character I identify with most is the giraffe.

Is there any theme or message that you wanted to give your readers?

I really do aim to teach children to be tolerant and accepting of cultural differencies.

Showing children that friends come from all over the globus. Empathy is also one emotion slowly dwindling from our society,

          Would’nt it be wonderful if empathy actually returns to us?

Will there be a follow up to Giraffe Travels?

Yes, absolutely. Giraffe Travels is a three part series. The follow up series “Giraffe Travels Again” will be on the market early 2021.

What’s your favorite color?

My absolute, favourite colour is Turquoise. Whenever I see this colour around I am immediately reminded of my birth country, Jamaica and its beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise water.

What’s your favorite mealtime of the day?

Lunch has to be my absolute favorite mealtime of the day.

What’s your favorite book/author?

Maurice Sendak – Where the wild thing are

Jonathan Swift – Gulliver’s Travels

What’s your favorite place in the world?

There is a place, it’s quite easy to get to and this favorite place exists in my imagination.

This favorite place has a never ending waterfall making the most serene sounds,

as the water gushes gently down the big rock boulders encircling the space.