Meet the Characters


Hi there, I am Giraffe and we live mainly in the sub Saharan region in Africa.

You can tell which region we are from based on our different patterns on our skin.

We are fast and run up to 35 miles per hour.

And not to brag but we are the tallest mammals on Earth.


Hi, I am the king of the jungle, the highest on the food chain. If you are ever in need of extra protection just hang around with me.

My roar can be heard up to eight kilometres away, yes really that is from very far away.

And like Hedgehog I am more active during the night. And I do like to eat. I can eat enough food that could feed your entire family IN ONE WEEK!!!!


Hi I am mole and guess what? I can see, really, not as well as you do but nonetheless I can see.

Give me insects to eat and I will be the happiest mole around

I could probably build a better tunnel system than you humans, and when it comes to sniffing out preys I am one of the best ones around.


Did I hear someone say they are good at smelling? I am Bison and in my opinion I am the best here at smelling from distances away.

And not to brag Giraffe BUT I am the largest mammal in North America.


Hey there, I am Hedgehog even though I am small I can roll up into a spiky ball and voila I am ready to defend myself against any predator.

And by the way I prefer to sleep during the daytime and burrow around during the night-time.


Hi, I am mongoose and I would like to know why I am the last on the list always?

Well thankfully I have my gang and I do not live alone. That can be very helpful sometimes as my mongoose pack helps each other out with our pubs.

And not to brag Lion but I can defend myself pretty well against any venomous snakes.